When it comes to life, some people pursue hobbies that are completely different or even unrelated to their chosen career. They are committed to both as one helps them earn their livelihood while the other brings joy to the soul. However, there are a few people who are so talented. They stand out in the crowd with whatever they do, inspiring others to follow their path.

Vijaya Boggala– a multi-talented professional love and respected by all

Dr.Vijaya Boggala is one such individual when it comes to many talents in a single person. He is a dedicated general practitioner from Greensboro, NC, in the USA. He has not specialized in a single area of medicine and provides his patients with routine healthcare services. He says that general practitioners have patients that come to them for physical examinations, immunizations, and the diagnosis and treatment of multiple injuries and illnesses. They generally work in private offices and clinics with a team of administrators and nurses working under them.

Devoting time to his hobbies and interests

He also writes abstracts for medical publications and has contributed his posts to several studies published recently. He has also been a co-author on one of these projects. He is fond of watching live sports like tennis, cricket, and basketball and works on diverse DIY projects in his spare time. He is passionate about the arts and devotes time to hone his skills in the field. He is fond of painting and prefers to use acrylics and oils on various media. He is also honing his skills in action photography, landscape photography, and photography that involve a slow shutter speed. At home, he is a proud father to his 4-year old son.

Photography and visual art

He says that in both photography and visual art, you need to have an eye for creativity. You may get the lessons from experienced professionals in both the field; however, you need to have that creative eye when it comes to your work. He says that a good photographer and visual artist uses their imagination to create masterpieces that stand out so that they impress everyone.

Tips for beginners

He says there are no hard and fast rules for pursuing something you like or enjoy doing. You need to take out the time to do it. However, if you want to pursue a hobby and convert it into your profession, you should take a professional course to know the trade’s nuances. When it comes to pursuing your hobbies, make sure you devote time to them regularly. Your work might not allow you to pursue your hobby daily but teach it in your daily routine at least once or twice a week.

In the conclusion Vijaya Prakash Boggala points out that hobbies refresh the mind and body. You should not only focus on work all the time. Being a doctor helps him counsel others as he practices what he preaches and enjoys a meaningful life daily!