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If you love peppermint, then you will love this cool Peppermint Lip Balm. You just need 3 ingredients, and 10 minutes for this easy DIY lip balm to create your own lip gloss. Yes, really! This easy DIY peppermint lip balm is just one of the many easy homemade lip glosses that long remain a tradition at home.

One of the first year old traditions that have stuck around is making peppermint lip balm tubes with honey. This was done by pouring the honey into small jars, sealing the jars, and adding a few drops of essential oil. It is important that the essential oil is at room temperature and has no dye or alcohol in it. It is also important to use clean jars for this recipe. This year, we decided to do something different and made honey piggy banks from honey and melted beeswax pellets.

To make your Peppermint Lip Balm, simply combine the following ingredients: peppermint oil, beeswax, and honey. Combine all the ingredients together until smooth. You will want to transfer it to an opening such as a small vase or even a lip brush for easier application. You can also dip the tips of your fingers in the mixture and gently rub it into your lips.

Another great way to get this great little lip balm is to use the old Christmas tree boxes that were lined with wax paper. Most of the time, the wax paper was not colored because most people did not like the colors on them. However, there are still some great looking Christmas trees with colorful wax papers. Instead of using these old Christmas trees, you can use the same containers that contain your other essential oils to create your own Peppermint Lip Balm.

Fill up one of the plastic Christmas tree boxes with the mixture and place it inside. Then wrap up another one in a clear plastic bag and add some shredded gum and some fresh mint leaves. You can then secure the bags and refrigerate it for an hour or so. After that, you can put the bottom of one of the smaller mason jar’s with the mixture and drop in about two drops of your favorite peppermint essential oil. If you want, you can drop in several drops of coconut oil and shea butter as well.

If you would rather be able to use the ball straight up, you can do so by placing it inside a double boiler or microwave-safe container. Add the contents to it and heat it up for a few minutes. Once the mixture begins to bubble, remove it from the heat source and allow it to cool down for a few more minutes before you gently squeeze out the contents of the tin. The contents will then turn into a semi-solid state and can easily be poured into small tins that are designed for this purpose. If you have a funnel that comes in handy, pour the melted beeswax/cocoa butter mixture into the tube and pipe some tiny circles onto the peppermint candy bars.

One great way to use your Peppermint Lip Balm straight out of the tin is to add it to a small amount of sweet oil, melt it and then apply it to the lips. If you do not have sweet oil, you can always substitute it with your favorite lip balm cream. Apply the sweet oil to the lips and let it sit there for about a minute. Then take the tube and insert it into the metal tins. Next, drop in the contents of the tin and enjoy your delicious and long lasting lip care.

If you are going to store the lip balm in the refrigerator, make sure you remove it well before it begins to solidify. This is especially important if you use a glass bowl for storing it. The glass bowl will retain the oils from the melted candy while letting the oils out through the metal tin. If you keep it in the freezer, it can become hard and brittle and it is difficult to cut into shapes.