Saturday work must be remunerated at double the normal rate for each hour worked by the employee, or at time and a half if the employee in most cases works on a Saturday. If the greater part of a shift falls on a Saturday, the whole of these shift is deemed Saturday work. Except when employees agree to the contrary, employers may not require employees to work on proclaimed public holidays south lanarkshire school holidays.

Employees not necessary to work on public holidays falling on ordinary business days must be paid their normal salary for those days, the doctor has to be paid at double their ordinary rate. The Time Court has held that employees who work on Sundays that coincide with the date of public holidays as well as the following Mon are not eligible to double pay for both days.


The rate for overtime is one and a half times the normal salary, unless the employee is subsequently granted thirty minutes off on all pay for each hour of overtime worked at normal rates, or 90 minutes off if the overtime was not paid at all. Time off in place of pay for overtime must be taken within a month of that time period worked, unless the employee believes on paper to a longer period all the way to 12 months. Although overtime is voluntary, BCEA does not affect the employer’s directly to require employees to work overtime in terms of the contract of employment or collective agreement. Refusal by an employee to perform contractual overtime may constitute a disciplinary offence.

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