A great number of people may come across unexpected hurdles, challenges, and extreme adversaries in their journey of life. The way one thinks and acts in the face of such seemingly impossible challenges and uncertain situations reveals their true strength of character. Stephen Varanko III says that U.S. Navy SEALs (Sea, Air, and Land Teams) are among the people who have to deal with and manage the toughest of the tough situations. Due to the extremely challenging environment, they have to work in, people have to undergo extreme mental and physical training prior to be able to join the Navy SEAL Special Operations forces.

Navy SEALs are among the most crucial bodies coming under the United States defense. These elite combatants come under the military force structure of America, and have the capacity to conduct specialized warfare operations in the elements of Land, Air, as well as Sea. Stephen Varanko III mentions that Navy SEALs are required to have exceptional physical fitness levels and strength of personality in order to deal with the challenging situations that they are expected to face. All Navy SEALs are known to have a high level of physical strength, stamina, and endurance. Acceptance into the Navy SEALs training program is, in fact, majorly based on fitness pre-screening test results.

In addition to being physically fit, Navy SEALs need to also have exceptional leadership qualities. These individuals may be required to lead teams in diverse crucial missions, and they cannot do so without robust leadership qualities. Here are some of the important leadership skills of Navy SEALs as underlined by Stephen Varanko III:

  • Emotional Intelligence: People having a high level of emotional intelligence ideally exhibit superior leadership quality and better mental health. Navy SEAL aspirants should try and develop a high level of intuition and self-awareness on the basis of their weaknesses, motivation, strengths, and values.  People having emotional intelligence consider others’ feelings when communicating and making decisions, which ultimately inspires trust and respect among the team members.
  • Separate passion from emotion: Regulating emotions is an important aspect of being a good leader, especially for the ones working in challenging environments like Navy SEALs. These individuals cannot afford a moment of distraction, and hence have to find ways to control or redirect any emotions that can interfere with their focus and hinder them from obtaining their key goal. However, separating passion from emotion does not imply being indifferent.
  • Master fear with preparation: Due to the type of situations they have to deal with, Navy SEALs invariably should be brave and courageous. However, at times it becomes difficult to maintain courage in highly stressful situations. Hence, they must try to master fear with preparation. For each scenario that can go wrong, one must have a plan of action to compact it. They must trust their training and preparation, as well as stay focused on their overall goal.

All Navy SEAL aspirants must try to hone the qualities underlined above.