How great would it be if you could go to the movies for free. Yes you read that right, go see all of the new release block buster, and not spend a single any amount of money. People see movies this way all of the time. They know a secret that very few people know ราชภัฏ. They know that companies will hire you to check out the customer service skills that their employees have. Heads of successful businesses know that mystery customers are the only way from them to truly evaluate people’s worth ethics.

What you would do as a mystery theater patron you do, go to the movies, making sure to visit the concession stand, then you can be, sit down enjoy your movie and go home. Remember that while you are in the theater to take the time to look around, is the theater clean, is there any broken seats? Before the film starts go to the restroom, are they clean do all of the stalls lock? After he movie head back to the restroom to see what kind of order it is in now? In order to do your job correctly you have to take mental notes.

Once you get home you will need to review your experience. Include in the report, how the employees approached you. Mention is the theater was clean, and anything else that left a lasting expression for you, whether good or bad. The better your reports are, the more work that you will be given.

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