I’m company owner at heart. I have started and run several businesses, and as I look back, I think the most important element in financial and personal success is knowing of purpose and the capacity to stay open to it.

Many years ago I was a participant in a seminar. At the end, the leader took us by having a guided introspection in which we asked ourselves, “What is my purpose for doing the work Me, in my relationships, and for being alive in this time and place Ankara kanal açma? ”

The word ‘connection’ popped up in my mind, and it felt right. My work then and now is helping people manage conflict with power and love, and about removing the barriers to connection. Outside of work, as well, I would like my actions to reflect this purpose. So when the word came up in the introspection all those years ago, it gave a name to something I already recognized.

My work is still about connection. On rough days, knowing this keeps me going. On good days, when life flows, it is reaffirmed. It doesn’t matter whether it makes sense to anyone else. Playing is about connection.

Notice speedier you? What purpose underlies your work and your life? Is it Creativity? Concern? Diversity? Empowerment? Relationship? Health? Beauty? Spirituality? Love? These concepts occur as i think of friends and mates and their work in the world.

Like peeling an onion, the external layers of our own work are the activities we engage in. Each layer moves us closer to a central purpose that is behind the time and effort we expend, and behind the gratitude with which we celebrate our success.

So take some time today to give yourself a gift. Close your eyes, relax, and inquire your inner wisdom what your work is really about. Then keep that in front of you as a beacon. Improve it, nurture it, and hold it close at hand. This is essentially what each of us is called to do — to explore and to discover our fundamental motivation, not just occasionally but every day, and with every decision. You’ll rediscover, reinvent and refresh your work, moment to moment. And you’ll have fun doing it. I wish you good energy.