Basketball is an exciting game, and when you play it as an amateur or an experienced professional, you should focus on their shooting skills. If you need to improve your skills in the field, you must go back to the fundamentals of the game and focus on the right shooting mechanics that will always help you hit the target.


Joe Cipolla Chicago – Easy steps to boost your basketball shooting skills


Joe Cipolla Chicago from Illinois is an avid sports fan who loves basketball, baseball, and football. He says that most players often forget the basic rule for shooting. They should focus on the target. The mistake they make is to pay attention to the basketball flight, which is where they often land up missing the target. He suggests in order to boost your success rates, you should pay all your attention to the target and never take your eyes off it.


Balance and your stance are equally important


It is crucial for you to pay attention to your stance and balance when you are improving your shooting skills. Make sure that both of your feet are about a shoulder-width apart, and your knees should be bent slightly. If you are comfortable with a stance that is forward in nature, make sure that you place your shooting foot in front and the non-shooting foot at the back. If you prefer a stance that is square like in nature, both of your feet should face the basket.


Evaluate your grip of the ball


You need to spread your fingers apart to balance the basketball in a single hand. The ball needs to be gripped in such a way that it rests comfortably on your finger pads. You should keep some space between the palm of your hand and the ball.


Ensure you give out a delivery that is smooth


When you do finally shoot, the ball needs to go right up in the air without dipping. The elbow should be underneath the ball, and the line for shooting should be directly in line with the rim.


Note that when you are shooting, the ball must go in front of you and not go behind your head. Use your whole body to release the shot. Use your legs, core, and arms together to make a graceful coordinated shot. Use your wrist and your elbow together in such a way that they expand in a straight line towards the basket.

Your wrists should not be tight. Keep relaxed. The fingers should be pointed in the direction where you have shot the ball. You should be able to look and see your fingers at the backboard’s top. Ensure you hold this position till the basketball hits the target.


Joe Cipolla Chicago recommends that when you are working on improving your shooting skills, you should focus on releasing the basketball before you reach the top of the jump. Your legs will give you the force you need, so make sure you use them to get that extra lift. When you jump to shoot the ball, you must land on the same spot you left.