Computer animated explainer video is this short video that is used to engage your audience both online and traditional. In most cases the computer animated explainer video usually explains what you do, or what your company or product is all about. Many companies across the globe have utilized the ability of computer animated explainer videos to easily simplify complex ideas and concepts to customers and prospects. It’s helped them tremendously to both increase their sales and build their brand explainer video production.

Big and small companies alike have noticed the ability of these computer animated explainer videos in marketing their products, explaining complex procedures, teaching what they do and offer. They have also seen an increase on their Return, increase in number of clients and prospects because of the reactive proposal the video are creating.

What is an computer animated explainer video and how is it produced? Just like I have pointed out in the bass speaker part above, these are short computer animated engaging videos that can be placed on a website. The computer animated videos can also be used for TV tv ads to go into detail in a simple and effective way who you are and what you do.

There are several levels where your highly changing explainer video should go through. Firstly the producers of the video require a highly changing video screenplay published by a highly skilled copywriter. The copywriter must be able to synthesize your sales message or ideas into a a hundred and fifty words screenplay that will communicate your message clearly and to the point.

The video screenplay is the most important element when it comes to computer animated explainer video because the screenplay will either make or break the video. A good and quality video screenplay must sum it up the message within the one minute cap that is the standard duration for most videos. Nonetheless, most computer animated explainer videos have a range of 1 or 2 minutes long and each minute is approximately a hundred and fifty words when measured.

The copywriter must therefore ensure that the message to be passed must be within the a hundred and fifty word count for a one minute video or so. The screenplay must be written such that the audience will be engaged awesomely when watching the video. The screenplay must use a clear call to action that will allow the viewers to take settled specified action after watching the video.

After ensuring that you have your well crafted and well written video screenplay, then you will need a voice over for your video. You can choose to have your own voice over produced by yourself or engage a professional voice over artist. I would rather recommend a professional artist to do the job simply because you may have the right screenplay with the right message but a bad or badly recorded voice-over may send the wrong signals to your audience.

After you have ascertained that a good and high quality voice over is ready. The video producers then choose to have a storyboard created to see how the video will appear like. In this case a talented storyboard artist with the appropriate skills to illustrate the video through the screenplay is given the position of bringing your opinions alive.

The storyboard artist creates the video on a scene by scene basis for the approval of the client who would like the video produced. The approval of the storyboard by the client means that the video finally needs to be move into the final stage which is the stage productions stage.

The final video production phase would then begin after all of the other levels are completed. The stage would involve animating the video to match with the voice over. It may not just involve simply animation of the explainer video; every part of the animation must reflect the message to be passed and the proposal needed. The viewers must stick to the video to the end.