Personal development lays emphasis on increasing self-awareness, evaluating life goals, overcoming personal challenges and fulfilling long-standing aspirations. Charles D’Angelo says that personal development coaching basically involves guiding people through this process, while carefully evaluating their strengths and weaknesses to improve particular areas of one’s life. Much like athletes enlists a coach to train and support them in their sporting goals, a personal development coach shall be there to support, encourage and teach people how to feel more at ease and confident about diverse scenarios of life.

Personal development coaches can effectively help people to understand where they want to be in their life, and can guide them on that path. Charles D’Angelo says that these coaches often ask people various questions that are specifically designed to identify, accept, and build upon their strengths and weaknesses. Their guidance, support, and advised strategies can go a long way in enabling people to lead a more fulfilling life, and positively overcome any kind of obstacles they might face while trying to reach their key goal. Charles himself is a personal development coach, and hence has quite a good idea about the intricacies of this process.

Charles D’Angelo mentions that there are several ways personal development coaching can help people. Here are some of them:

  • Help in people to get unstuck:  Very often one may feel that they are stuck in one or more areas of their life, such as beginning or ending a relationship, relocating to a new place, or are at a crossroads of a career change. Making such decisions can be extremely anxiety-inducing for people. A personal development coach can aid these people in sorting all the positive and negative thoughts they might be encountering in regards to take the next steps in their life, and help them to gain a clearer perspective about the right decision.
  • Motivation and accountability check: Much like their workout routines, people often deviate from their set objectives and goals in relation to personal or career growth. Hence, just like a gym trainer, a personal development coach can help people to stay accountable for sticking to the plans laid down to achieve certain milestones in life.
  • Boost confidence: There are many situations in life where people may need a confidence boost, especially while taking the first step towards something new or making a life changing decisions. However, life experiences often make people jaded, and they lose out on confidence. A personal development coach would help people to gain a good understanding of their strength, and instill a new level of confidence in them that encourages them to face all negative situations of life head-on.

A personal development coach also helps people to leave their comfort zone and progress towards something bigger. With their guidance, people can step into a new world of challenges, plan for potential obstacles, and successfully mitigate those potential risks.