Several people are fascinated with the idea of becoming a massage therapist. However, they are not sure of what it really entails. Message therapy is an effective and holistic way to alleviate stress. It has several healing benefits for those that suffer from body aches and pains. People across the US now realize the benefits of massage therapy, and there is a huge demand for therapists in the nation.

Caroline Sturken – How can you start your career as a massage therapist?

Caroline Sturken is an eminent massage therapist at San Diego in California. She has created a micro-website for those who are interested in a massage therapist. She is passionate about her profession and has helped friends and family alleviate stress, especially during the uncertain times of the Pandemic, with massage therapies.

Embarking on a career

She says that you need to take a certification in a massage therapy program at the outset and complete some mandatory practical state requirements. Every state’s requirement is different for their students when it comes to the number of hours that they should have hands-on experience prior to obtaining their certificate.

Once the above is completed, the next course of action for the student is to pass the licensing examination. There are some cases where students need to take a specialized examination that is set by the state. The areas of assessment that are covered are massage ethics, kinesiology, assessment of the client, and the physiological results or effects of a massage.

Prospective massage therapy professionals should put in an application and offer proof they have met all the medical license requirements. If a candidate wishes to get complete information about the state’s licensing requirements, he/she should visit the official website of the American Massage Therapy Association.

The last step involves completing a certification that is earned after the completion of a specific number of hours clinically with an exam. Though this step is not a mandatory one for obtaining a license in massage therapy; however, it makes the whole process of obtaining a job simple.

A serving society with philanthropy

She is also a student of law, politics, and philosophy. She is a key part of the Phi Sigma Sigma sorority that concentrates on diverse ways of philanthropy, especially school and college readiness. She says that philanthropy brings in a systematic change in society. There are three key pillars of organizations willing to bring systematic change into society. They are flexibility, focus, and fortitude.

As global society increases with complexity, there is a demand for more social and economic opportunities that are better pronounced. The role of philanthropy is significant, and one needs to understand its various nuances. The days are gone when philanthropy pins its hopes on making grants along with other ways of offering direct support and service to underprivileged members of the community in need.

Caroline Sturken point out that one should not misunderstand the concept when it comes to philanthropy in leadership. Charity is very important, and it holds a great deal of importance in life; however, sometimes, it is not enough and does not mean philanthropy.