In New York City, tourism understandably dropped during the global COVID-19 pandemic. The city closed down due to lower traffic levels, coupled with the restrictions placed on outside visitors. Major attractions became empty as officials attempted to keep the coronavirus from spreading. As a result, the city’s apartment rental opportunities in the city were devastated, with both personal travelers and business travelers shying away.

Now, travel has largely resumed, but efforts are still being made to keep the virus at bay. Brian Ferdinand, the managing partner of SoBeNY, recently explained in an article what luxury apartments across New York City are doing to adapt to the pandemic, at least in the short term.


Guests occupy corporate housing units for several weeks at a time, whereas they usually stay in hotel rooms for two days to three days. Because the turnover rates in hotels are higher compared with corporate housing, hotel operators may have a hard time committing the full number of staff needed to clean rooms according to the newest coronavirus standards. In light of this, guests are shifting from the high-occupancy hotel setting to the longer-term corporate housing unit option.


According to Brian Ferdinand, reputable corporate housing firms are using specialized sanitation crews to adhere to the most recent protocols. This is yet another reason why both personal and business travelers are making the switch from hotels to corporate housing. Amid the pandemic, travelers have come to expect a high level of cleanliness, contaminant removal, and sanitation, and fortunately, corporate housing can meet these expectations.

For instance, leading corporate housing firms are placing extra focus on not only straightening and cleaning but also on disinfecting. To achieve their disinfection goals, they are using stronger products that are designed to eliminate the coronavirus. These products include those that the Environmental Protection Agency has recommended.

Corporate housing unit firms are also paying extra attention to cleaning touch surfaces throughout their properties. Another step they are taking to enhance their cleaning procedures is to open balcony doors and windows to keep fresh air flowing when they’re cleaning. They may also keep the windows and doors open in between rentals.

All in all, corporate housing units are taking extra precautions to keep their properties as safe as possible during the global pandemic. And as long as they continue to make this a priority, travelers will likely continue to make them a priority accommodation option going forward.